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Binding Love service parties have now crossed the ocean and entered international waters!!

By Binding Love Team, Nov 27 2015 03:00PM

This summer our team had the opportunity to serve on the island of St.Croix with Youth With A Mission. During our time there we worked closely with one of their ministries called Kings Kids. Kings Kids consists of week long Bible camps and monthly weekend gatherings throughout the year. We were invited to engage the students in serving with Binding Love and hearing about how God has led this ministry and used so many people to make a difference in Thailand. For a few hours the young people became practical hands of Jesus as they cut fabric and prepared material to be turned into scarves.

From so many places in the world God is calling people to be a part of Binding Love as they serve in the many areas available and purchase these scarves that give so much back. Since our time in St.Croix with Kings Kids one of the staff has begun advocating for Binding Love on the Island of St.Croix. She is now leading the way of making scarves, promoting and selling them on the island and to visitors at YWAM. Go Cherilyn Derusha , We love you!!!

Our God has no boundaries and in His infinite wisdom He has taken this ministry into other areas of the world. We are Blessed to serve and have others serve with us in this ministry!!

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