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Her legacy lives on...

By Binding Love Team, Mar 16 2016 10:34PM

We are so humbled and blessed by the love of Josie Lewis and the legacy she left to us at Binding Love! I never had the pleasure of meeting her, but her life has impacted mine in a powerful way! In leu of flowers, Josie's friends and family have given over $1,500 towards Binding Love. With that financial blessing Josie's legacy has made an immediate impact on our ministry and the women and girls we serve through Binding Love. We were able to purchase much needed items for the two homes in Thailand. We can not say Thank You enough to those that have given and supported us in this way!

Much Love,

Audra Peifer

Founder, Binding Love

Josie Lewis lived her life as a vessel of God’s love. Whether she was helping one of her daughters (Michelle and Angie), spending time with her grandkids (Adam, Alex, Hannah, Maddy, Livy and Brett), helping a friend (too many to list!), or speaking an encouraging word to a stranger, Josie chose to spread God’s love to those around her. Despite facing difficult life circumstances, such as a painful divorce, a horrific car accident and a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, Josie continually chose joy, grace and forgiveness.

In 2010, Josie traveled to India with her daughter, Angie, to minister God’s love to young women in Kalimpong. The trip was a highlight for Josie, and she found her heart was quick to embrace the women/girls she met there. Years later, Josie learned about Binding Love Scarves and felt an immediate connection to its mission. Josie understood the pain expressed by women who felt they had no voice. As she reflected on her own life, she realized that, when she was younger, she didn’t recognize her beauty, value and talents. Through the power of God’s love and truth, Josie was able to find her voice and recognize her beauty as one of God’s precious daughters. It became one of her greatest desires that other women find their voice as well.

Josie was diagnosed with leukemia (2014) and underwent a bone marrow transplant on June 30, 2015. In the midst of painful side effects and numerous setbacks, Josie continued to show love, joy and encouragement to those around her, including the doctors, nurses, patients, and staff she interacted with each week. On February 28, 2016, Jesus embraced Josie into His healing arms.

Knowing Josie’s heart connection to Binding Love’s mission to help young women in Thailand’s sex trafficking industry, Josie’s family chose Binding Love as the recipient of any donations people wanted to make in Josie’s honor. It’s the family’s desire to continue Josie’s legacy of love and empowering you to find your voice through the ministry of Binding Love! - Written by the family of Josie Lewis

Thank You to the friends and family of Josie Lewis, we will share with so many the impact and legacy Josie has left!!! -Binding Love Team

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