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By Binding Love Team, Nov 27 2015 03:21AM

Spring of 2015. One of our volunteers mentions an upcoming event in a local community. A 5k run and we have the opportunity to distribute our business cards in the gift bags handed out to hundreds of participants. As with every opportunity that comes our way we prayed about it and moved forward with this simple way to promote Binding Love. A few days later Binding Love was contacted by Erika Shych of Channel 11 at Blue Ridge Communications. Erika asked if she could do a report for their evening news on our ministry. She had received our info from the local 5k event. Some may say coincidence, some may say chance but we say Thank You, Lord. A meeting was planned for an interview and a news report to happen. The idea of making upcycled scarves from old clothing had reached local news status. God continues to show He is the best advertiser in the business smile emoticon

We thank the Lord for allowing us to shine His light through Binding Love into television sets all around the local community.

From business cards at a 5k to a local news report it is in His control!!

Check out the news report from Channel 11 by using this link:


By Binding Love Team, Nov 26 2015 03:00PM

With prayer and advice from those around us Binding Love packed up over a 100 scarves and traveled to California. We asked our friends at Justice 180 ministry to come along and help with the event. God had placed before us an opportunity to go where few can go and share why we started Binding Love and our heart behind the ministry.

We hope you enjoy the video of our time in Hollywood! God continues to show His leading and faithfulness as we give Binding Love into His hands!!

By Binding Love Team, Nov 25 2015 04:50PM

A volunteer is a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task without pay.

This is the first building block of Binding Love. Our foundation is dug down deep in the truth of God’s word the Bible and on the idea that God has built up this ministry with volunteers. People who have given up hours, minutes, days, weeks and months of their life to be a part of what God is doing through Binding Love. Before we go any further THANK YOU, it can’t be said enough, THANK YOU!!

Over the passed 3 years we have heard things like this “thank you for letting me a part of something bigger than me” “Binding Love gives me purpose in my day” “Thank You for allowing me to serve and know I am making a difference” “volunteering has impacted my life in so many ways” God has opened our eyes to realize Binding Love was not just created to fight the injustice of human trafficking and change the lives of girls in Thailand, but It was created also for our many volunteers. It has an impact on so many as they give their time and talents to serve through practical simple to do projects such as donating clothing, cutting fabric, piecing together color and textures and finally sewing them into an up-cycled masterpiece. On each scarf our tag recognizes the cause we are fighting, the girls impacted by the scarves sold and our volunteers who are impacted by the opportunity to serve.

Again THANK YOU!! Thank You to the stay at home moms, the college students, the single men and women, the charter schools, the public schools, the small groups, the large churches, the homeschool students, the girl groups, the sewing circles, the sunday school classes and everyone in between from small children to retired adults. Thank You for volunteering, Thank You for serving, Thank You for giving!!!

Each scarf makes a difference!

Colossians 3:23-24 "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ."

By Binding Love Team, Nov 25 2015 04:23PM

Looking back there are so many things that God has done in and through Binding Love. He has been faithful as the ministry has grown and we are so grateful to Him. We will be sharing this week, just a few of the amazing things God has done over the first 3 years of Binding Love.

From an idea given to our founder during afternoon devotions to Hollywood and the Caribbean Islands, God has led and directed this ministry each step of the way!!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

May we give thanks as we Remember, Reflect, and Rejoice!!

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