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IN SEPTEMBER 2012, my heart was opened to the pain and injustice on               children being trafficked.  The sad statistics of children being sold into sex slavery is mind numbing.  After asking God what to do next, the vision of BINDING LOVE scarves came about.  The name Binding Love comes directly from the Bible in PROVERBS 3:3 “LET LOVE AND FAITHFULNESS NEVER LEAVE YOU; BIND THEM AROUND YOUR NECK”  When you buy a BINDING LOVE scarf you are helping to aid in the healing hope of at risk girls in Thailand.  Half the cost of a BINDING LOVE scarf goes to two organizations in Chiang Rai, Thailand that are Christian run and are committed to creating a place of refuge and help to young girls.  

My prayer is that each scarf sold will help bring awareness and an end to child trafficking in Thailand and around the world.


Thank you,


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