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Binding Love Team:

Audra, Ashley, Autumn, Mica, and Angie

Binding Love, is a passion project that makes and sells one of a kind infinity scarves.

Each scarf is handcrafted by local volunteers that are passionate about bringing an end to human trafficking and have a heart to see people lives restored.  

Currently there is an estimate of 45 million people enslaved on the planet.  This is unacceptable!  If we can do something about it, we should!  

50% of the sale price of each scarf is donated to both Eden House and House of Refuge, both homes are in Thailand and they are commited to creating a place of refuge and restoration to young girls.  Making an impact goes far when we work together!  


So here's what Binding Love does:

We will increase awareness about the millions in slavery -- by informing volunteer individuals and groups.

We will restore a heart of mission in volunteers -- by providing a tangible, simple, practical way they can serve.

We will connect and care for the two homes in Thailand, -- by giving financially and traveling to support and encourage them.


This ministry has many full-time and part time volunteers. Everyone involved with Binding Love is a volunteer which allows us to send 50% of each scarf sold, directly to Thailand. This ministry has had great impacts in so many lives and we have been blessed to serve and lead for so many years!